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Service and Repair


We offer 3 options for tune-up packages, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These packages are set at different price points and are recommended based on the current state of the bicycle and the overall needs to get it back into a safe and proper riding condition. 

Bicycle Tune-Up (Silver)

Adjust the front and rear derailleurs - Adjust the front and rear brakes - Adjust the hubs, bottom bracket, and headset - Tighten all the nuts and bolts - Lube the derailleurs, brakes, cables, chain, and all pivot points - Clean the drivetrain - Fill the tires to proper air pressure

Bicycle Tune-Up (Gold)

Everything in the Silver Tune-up PLUS,

True the wheels - Clean and polish the bicycle

Bicycle Tune-Up (Platinum)

Everything in the Gold Tune-Up PLUS,

True and re-tension the wheels - Remove and deep clean the drivetrain, using an ultrasonic parts cleaner

Any labor and/or parts not associated with the tune-up

are subject to additional charges.


With an overhaul, the bicycle will be stripped to its frame and will go back to you in as close to new condition as possible. The bicycle is completely dis-assembled, cleaned, lubed, and then re-assembled using new cables, bearings, grips/bar tape, and any other parts that may need to be replaced. The bicycle will also be inspected for damage to the frame, fork, handlebar, and seatpost.

Parts are not included in the price of the overhaul.

FIT Installation

If you have a FIT that needs to be set up on your new or existing bicycle, bring it to us and we can get it all set up, and ready to go.

Prices may vary depending on the labor and/or parts needed for the particular bicycle having the FIT installed.

Pick-Up and Delivery

We offer pick-up and delivery if you are unable to bring your bicycles to us. We will set up a time to pick up your bicycle, bring it back, take care of any service and repair it needs, then set up a good time to return it back to you ready to ride.

Pick-up and Delivery charges apply.

Pick-Up and Delivery

Custom Bicycle Builds

Simply put, you pick the frame and all of the parts, and we will build you the perfect one of a kind bicycle of your dreams. We also offer our decades of experience to advise you on the selection and sourcing of the frame and parts.

Frame and parts are not included in the price of the custom bicycle build.

Bicycle Assembly

Whether you purchase a bicycle from a store or online, you can bring it to us and have it professionally assembled. You can have the confidence that you will be getting on a bicycle that is safe and ready to ride.

Prices vary depending on the style and type of bike

that needs assembly.

Individual Services

Any and all other bicycle repair services including but not limited to, flat repair, brake adjustment, derailleur adjustment, precision wheel truing, bearing adjustment, etc.

Parts are not included in the price of any individual services.

Custom Wheel Building

New wheels are arguably the most effective upgrade you can make on a bicycle. Having them custom built by a master wheel builder takes the wheels and your bicycle to the next level! You choose the hubs, spokes, nipples, and rims. Then I personally custom hand build the perfect set of wheels for you.

Undecided or unsure what to choose? We will help you! Using our years of knowledge and experience, we will equip your bike with the perfect custom-built wheels to fit your personal needs and riding style.

Wheel parts are not included in the price of the custom wheel build.

Our Services

We work hard to provide everyone with excellent service, competitive prices, and the best customer support possible.  When you need a solution to your repair needs, and are looking for professional service, trust Derailled Bicycle Service & Repair. Take a look at our services to learn more.

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Bicycle Fitting

What is bicycle fitting?

Bicycle fitting is the process of adjusting a bicycle for a cyclist, to optimize their comfort, performance and efficiency.

Answer the following questions.

Are you riding a bicycle you have never been fit on?

Do you get uncomfortable while riding your bicycle?

Has it been two years or more since you’ve been re-fit on

your bicycle?

Did you buy a new or used bicycle and never have a fit done?

Has your athleticism increased since the last time you’ve had

bicycle fit?

Do you have a bicycle that sits and does not get ridden

because of discomfort?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time

to contact us and schedule a bicycle fitting today!

Our Professional Fit Technician has over 20 years

of experience and is F.I.S.T, FitKit, and

Serotta Certified. He is well versed in cycling performance across all platforms and disciplines. He is also a firm believer that speed starts with fit and that every rider deserves the same attention to detail, regardless of their goals or ability. He has the knowledge and experience to ensure every rider is set-up properly on their bicycle, and ready to spend some time in the saddle training, racing, or just logging some miles for enjoyment. Let us make sure you are properly connected to your bicycle and riding as efficiently as possible!

Fit appointments are limited, please schedule with advance notice as the time spots fill up quickly!

NOTE; At this time we are not doing pre-purchase new bicycle fits!

Any parts and/or excess labor needed for the installation of the fit on the bicycle are subject to additional charges.

Carbon Repair

Do you have a nice carbon fiber bicycle that was cracked or broken in an accident? Don't be discouraged and write it off just yet. We may be able to have it repaired and fixed up stronger and better than new. We have a professional carbon repair guy who is ready to help you out and get you back to riding!

Any labor and/or parts associated with dis-assembly and/or re-assembly of the bicycle are subject to additional charges.


Custom Painting

We have a professional custom painter waiting to give your bicycle that personal touch. Whether you're looking for a couple of little details, touch-up from an accident, a full front to back custom paint job, or you want to match your helmet to your bicycle, we have you covered.

Any labor and/or parts associated with dis-assembly and/or re-assembly of the bicycle are subject to additional charges.

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