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About Derailled

   With nearly 40 years in the bicycle industry, I decided to finally start my own service and repair business. I love this business, but it’s changing. It’s getting harder and harder to find a bike shop at all. And even when you do, the level of service is not what is used to be. I wanted to stay in the industry, but I had no desire to sell bicycles. Service and repair was my only interest.

   Buying bicycles, parts, and accessories is easier than ever online. But customers still need a reliable place to service those bicycles, and get good advice on what to buy. With the years I have in the industry, I saw the need for high-quality service and repair with experienced mechanics, but without all of the sales pressure from a full retail sales operation, and an expensive retail storefront.

   "Derailled" is the result of that realization, and my years of hard work, dedication, and passion for the sport of cycling. "Derailled" fills this unique

service-only consumer need. If you’re looking for a service that will treat you

right and keep your bicycle looking and functioning perfect, give Derailled

Bicycle Service & Repair a try. You’ll be glad you did!

   I’ve worked in the bicycle industry for nearly 40 years. I’ve been servicing

bicycles since the age of 10, doing my first full tune up at the age of 11. In

that time I've been a store manager, service manager, race mechanic, sales

rep, mechanics instructor, tech support agent, and a master wheel builder. I

have serviced everything from old Schwinn 10spd's, recumbents, and kids

bikes, to elite carbon road and triathlon bikes. I serve as a personal mechanic

for professionals in triathlon, road racing, MTB racing, and even professional

BMX and freestyle riding. As for myself, I started off riding in the BMX and

freestyle world at a young age and carried on with that until injuries started

becoming a problem. From there I moved on to MTB racing for a short time

before jumping over to road racing. I still love to ride, but most of my time is spent fixing and repairing bicycles so others can get back to riding, racing, and competing. This is what I do, it is my passion and I love it.

   Service is my business and I do it to the highest quality. I am set up and capable to give high-quality service to any and all types and levels of bicycles. If you’re looking for a new bicycle I can give you a great amount of advice, information, and guidance in your pursuit for the perfect one. If you’re interested in a custom bicycle build I can help you choose, and source the right parts that will turn your idea and thoughts into an awesome one of a kind bicycle reality. Because service is my focus, I always operate without causing any sales pressure onto you the customer. I promise to treat you fairly and with the utmost respect, as well as guarantee that your bicycle will receive the highest quality service and care that it deserves.

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